2019 March Madness Guru Picks Battle

MMGPB: As announced on Twitter, GSM founding fathers John Irby, Hobey Jiranek, and Mac Mombello will be competing in a March Madness Picks contest, dubbed the March Madness Guru Picks Battle (MMGPB). On the line? Pride, money, and validity of guru status. Picks are made based on the point spread (ATS) with 1pt for first round games, 2 for second, and so forth. Make sure to check back here and follow on Twitter for updates throughout the tournament.

FINAL: Mombello Takes the Cake!

We’ve got one more to play, but it’s official folks- you’re champion of the inaugural March Madness Guru Picks Battle: Mac “Ed or Eddie” Mombello! A savvy Auburn pick in the Final Four proved to be the final push needed. The Guru Consensus picks also ended on a high note with as UVA won and covered in a thrilling OT finish that will not soon be forgotten. Eddie is not only the winner of a significant sum of cash, but will be the holder of the Chronic Jersey, a huge honor.

Thanks to all who have followed throughout, we look forward to repeating next year with a new participant and even higher stakes.

After Day 4: After Perfect Day, Irby Leads the Way

An 8/8 Day 4 put Irby a single point of ahead of Mac, with Hobey still within striking distance.

After Day 2:

Tight competition heading into day 3.

Not Pretty- but Wide Open after Day 1

No one is writing letters to their mama.. but we’ve got a competition. There’s never a bad tourney day, especially in the first round… but tomorrow, we expect to see a true commencement of the madness!

First Update: Jiranek with early lead

Dogs took the first 6 games, which didn’t bode well for Irbs. The Gurus also missed out on their first 3 consensus picks, but rebounded with a lock on Murray St. Ja Morant is a monster.


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