12 Guru Certified Throwback Uniforms

We scoured the archives and came up with 12 uniforms from years past that are Guru certified: 70’s – 80’s Houston Oilers Late 90’s Toronto Raptors 90’s Orlando Magic  Mid 90’s New York Islanders Late 80’s – Early 90’s Philadelphia Eagles  70’s Pittsburgh Pirates 90’s Utah Jazz Bonus: with the warm-ups to match! 80’s MontrealContinue reading “12 Guru Certified Throwback Uniforms”

Our Big Red Messiah

I leave you all with a quick message. While this may not be Andy Reid’s last chance at a Super Bowl, it may be his best chance. I would hate to look back on his career as one giant ‘What If?’. I urge all Guru’s far and wide to place your support in the Chiefs and our Big Red Messiah. Let’s get Andy on top of the mountain, hell, we all know he deserves it. 

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