Guru 2018 NBA Mock Draft

Guru Mock Draft: Suns 1st overall pick: Deandre Ayton, C, Arizona Kings 2nd overall pick: Marvin Bagley, PF/C, Duke Hawks 3rd overall pick: Luka Doncic, PG, Slovenia Grizzlies 4th overall pick: Jaren Jackson, PF, Michigan St. Dallas 5th overall pick: Mohamed Bamba, C, Texas Magic 6th overall pick: Wendell Carter, C, Duke Bulls 7th overallContinue reading “Guru 2018 NBA Mock Draft”

How Much Real Estate Does Lebron Own in Toronto’s Head?

With 7 straight Finals appearances and two rounds left to make it 8, Lebron James has been arguably the most consistently dominant force the Eastern Conference has ever seen. The last time Lebron failed to make the Finals, Antawn Jamison was still on the Cav’s roster and the team that bounced them from the playoffsContinue reading “How Much Real Estate Does Lebron Own in Toronto’s Head?”

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